Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Guatemala City Guatemala

Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala, and it's the largest and most modern city of the country. Guatemala City is a sprawling city with a mix of modern, colonial and traditional architecture. It has an interesting Old City, great Churches, some good museums and markets, and it´s a good place to see the real Guatemala with its mixtures of Ladino and Indian culture.In zona 13 and 14, in the southern part of the centre of Guatemala City, you will find the impressive Avenida las Americas. This wide boulevard is a tribute to every country in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina and Chile. It runs from Calle 1 to Calle 20, through what is called the cultural area of the city.The central square in Guatemala City known as Parque Central is the heart of the city and is always a centre of activity. It is also one of the most attractive areas for visitors since many of Guatemala City's most notable features, such as the Cathedral, many museums, the National Palace, and the National Library, surround the Plaza. Most of the Plaza is an open paved area, perfect to do some shopping, or just sit back and watch everyone else go about their business. There are also splashing fountains where children play and quieter shaded areas, where young lovers seem to occupy every bench. Nearby we have the Central Market, huge market for Guatemalan handicrafts. The genuine and profound hospitality of its inhabitants combined with the city's outstanding cultural legacy and astonishing natural beauty makes Guatemala City a compelling place for travellers.
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